Welcome! If you're a fiction or creative non-fiction writer and you're asking yourself WHAT NEXT? then you're in the right place. My name is Susan Kelly and I'm a developmental editor, a writing coach and teacher. I'm happiest when helping authors write their best story. Let me help you.

Dorothy Black Crow: The Handless Maiden

Susan Kelly has many literary talents, but the rarest and most important is her ability to hone in on storyline flaws and limitations, and to suggest better, more dramatic scenes, openings and endings. She is a master critiquer. Without her suggestions, my novel, The Handless Maiden: A Lakota Mystery, would not be receiving five-star reviews.

B Olds: Behind the Eight Ball

Susan's knowledge of structure, characterization, plot, theme – everything involved with the gargantuan effort to create a novel – amazes. In addition, she is very skilled at finding what works, and expressing it in very helpful, positive terms. You won’t find anyone better.